This is a basic story where we got fed up with a problem and then came up with a solution. Despite the thing the story might be basic you should still smarten yourself and read it.

Touchless was established in February 2017. “I was driving on a highway and stopped to pay the toll. I couldn’t find my card to tap the payment. As embarrassing as it was I, and everyone else in the queue, had to reverse back during a rush hour” says the founder of Touchless, Mohammed Aljlal. “I was asking a question to myself (or multiple): Why do I need to stop and tap the card? Why do I have to carry a big fat wallet with all these cards? Can’t we just forget cards, cash and struggling? Is there an easier way of dealing with these mandatory payments?” Quickly we figured out that the answer is yes. And that’s how we came up with Touchless. A system that uses automation to recognize car plate in a second and charge users without cards and cash through a mobile application. As easy as it should have always been.



Touchless system uses automated license plate recognition (ALPR) technology that utilizes camera specifically designed to read registered plate number. We at Touchless have a mobile application for users to register their plate number to get access. Users do not need a card to enter/exit the car park since the camera will recognize the plate and grant the access. At the same time Touchless system calculates the time spent on the parking area and automatically charges the user by the amount of time spent at the parking area.


Automated payment is the key of convenient parking access. There is no need to find a payment machine, struggle with the right amount of cash, worry about keeping the ticket safe or have a card to use the car park.


The camera takes one second to recognize your car plate number and grant you access.